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Heartbeats At Home Digital Fetal Dopplers

The newest addition to our product line is our Heartbeats At Home Elite 200 Digital Fetal Doppler from Nicolet Vascular (CareFusion). This is Nicolet Vascular's "top of the line" digital doppler system and utilizes autocorrelation, a pattern recognition technique that accurately tracks the heart rate with the least amount of static noise. This unit comes standard with a broad-beam 3 mghz probe producing crisp, clear sounds and the convenient LCD display saves you from counting and calculating time. Our Elite 200 Digital Fetal Doppler is so easy to use and is also compact, making it super convenient to tote around wherever you go. This is definitely the premier digital fetal doppler on the market today.

Good News, Bad News... Heartbeats At Home was recently featured in a TV episode of "A Baby Story" on The Learning Channel. Due to this TV exposure, our dopplers have been in really high demand. As a result, the dopplers featured on this page are currently OUT OF STOCK. Please check back later or consider ordering our other doppler system without the digital display.

Digital Display Doppler
  • Clear Digital Display
  • 3 MHz Probe (Std)
  • Crisp, Static-free Sound
  • "Top of the Line" Unit

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    Fetal Doppler Details
    Elite Digital Doppler 1 Month Rental
    $51 Per Month
    Elite Digital Doppler 2 Month Rental
    $94 Multi-Month Price
    $47 Per Month - Save $ 8
    Elite Digital Doppler 3 Month Rental
    $138 Multi-Month Price
    $46 Per Month - Save $15
    Elite Digital Doppler 4 Month Rental
    $180 Multi-Month Price
    $45 Per Month - Save $24
    Elite Digital Doppler 5 Month Rental
    $220 Multi-Month Price
    $44 Per Month - Save $35
    Elite Digital Doppler 6 Month Rental
    $258 Multi-Month Price
    $43 Per Month - Save $48

    We will charge your account $51 per month for each month you hold onto the doppler after your initial Multi-Month rental term. Every rental order includes a Sanitized Doppler, User's Manual, 2 oz Tube of Ultrasound Gel, Return Reminder/Instructions & Pre-paid UPS Return Label.

    NO RISK POLICY on our Multi-Month Rentals. If you need to return our doppler system prior to theexpiration of your Multi-Month rental term, we will refund your money for the balance of time remaining (pro-rated by the month).

    With our Technologically Advanced Fetal Dopplers, World-class Customer Service, 10 Day Free Trial and Low Price Guarantees, it's no wonder expecting Moms prefer Heartbeats At Home.

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